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Satekifarm AJ94 Korean Backpack, Large Capacity, Women's, Simple, School Backpack, Students, High School Students

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  • Material: ナイロン
  • Large capacity mesh pocket backpack to match Korean fashion. This simple and easy to match backpack is perfect for a mature yet fashionable and cute casual style
  • This backpack can easily store A4 items. It has storage capacity and can hold a lot of luggage, making it convenient for travel or school. Recommended as a daypack for college students, students, high school students, high school students, high school students, junior high school students. Great as a bag of new life
  • The bag has a nice mesh pocket that you can see from the outside. This unisex backpack can be used by both men and women. A must have for girls who want to be loose casual
  • The main pocket is large. There are many storage slots to match a variety of styles, such as streetwear, Harajuku, Orchan, Korean fashion, etc
  • Color: Black, Silver Gray; Main Material: Nylon; Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; *Please be sure to check the color and detail in the images before purchasing. *Model Height: (Men) 171cm (Women) 160cm